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Project Manager & Consultant in IT & Software Industry. Served 9+ years in IT & Software Industry and worked with 100+ clients all over the world. Have experience in all latest & popular web & mobile app technologies.

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    Nice article if there is more site like 10+its better for all.

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    Hi Krish, I’m somehow lost when experimenting with this strategy with Up4ever and Dlupload. The first one takes whoever clicks the link to the up4ever site to download free or premium with so many ad links unintended. The other is not permitted on Facebook at all (sharing a link on adult sites not allowed and could lead to account termination.
    Please help me out (via my email) on the right way to make money from this uploading file method of making money, in which I’m keenly interested.

    Thank you

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    I wish there is a service where you can upload and download without any hidden popups or redirects.

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